Top 5 Cycling Apps in the UK for 2024

In the cycling world, technology has become an indispensable companion, enhancing riders' experience, safety, and performance. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a weekend warrior, the right app can transform your ride. Here are the top five cycling apps in the UK that every cyclist should consider in 2024.


1. Strava

Strava is the gold standard for cyclists worldwide; the UK is no exception. This app is designed for serious cyclists who want to track their rides, analyse performance, and compete. Key features include:

  • Activity Tracking: Record your rides and monitor speed, distance, and elevation.
  • Segments: Compare your performance on specific stretches of road or trail against other cyclists.
  • Community: Join clubs, participate in challenges, and follow friends to keep motivated.
  • Premium Features: Access advanced metrics, training plans, and safety features like live location sharing.

Strava's integration with various GPS devices and its robust social features make it a must-have for competitive cyclists.



2. Komoot

Komoot is the perfect app for cyclists who love exploring new routes and trails. It's trendy among those who enjoy off-road and adventure cycling, but it is also fantastic for finding the best and quietest route for commuting. Highlights include:

  • Route Planning: Create custom routes with turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Discover Routes: Access a vast library of user-generated routes tailored to different cycling disciplines.
  • Offline Maps: Download maps for use in areas with poor or no mobile signal.
  • Detailed Information: Get insights on road surfaces, elevation profiles, and points of interest.

Komoot's focus on exploration and detailed route information make it ideal for cyclists seeking adventure and discovery.


3. MyFitnessPal

Overview: While not exclusively a cycling app, MyFitnessPal is an excellent tool for cyclists looking to manage their nutrition and overall fitness. It helps you track your diet and link with other fitness apps for comprehensive health monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Calorie Tracking: Extensive food database to log your meals and track calorie intake.
  • Nutrient Analysis: Detailed breakdown of macronutrients and micronutrients.
  • Fitness Integration: Sync with Strava and other fitness apps to monitor overall activity.
  • Goal Setting: Set and track fitness and nutrition goals.

Nutrition is a key component of cycling performance. MyFitnessPal helps UK cyclists ensure they're fueling their rides properly, complementing their training and ride data from other apps.


4. Map My Ride

Under Armour's Map, My Ride is another excellent app for tracking and analysing cycling workouts. It's well-suited for cyclists of all levels. Key features include:

  • Activity Tracking: Record rides with comprehensive metrics like speed, distance, and calories burned.
  • Route Discovery: Find new routes in your area and save your favourites.
  • Training Plans: Access customisable training plans tailored to your fitness goals.
  • Social Integration: Share your workouts on social media and follow friends' activities.

Map My Ride's combination of fitness tracking and social features makes it a versatile choice for cyclists looking to improve their fitness and share their progress.


5. Cyclemeter

Overview: Cyclemeter is a powerful app tailored for cyclists. It offers comprehensive ride tracking and analysis and is highly customisable, making it suitable for both casual riders and serious cyclists.

Key Features:

  • Detailed Metrics: Track speed, distance, time, cadence, etc.
  • Advanced Analysis: Review detailed graphs and statistics post-ride.
  • Customisable Interface: Personalise the display to show you the most critical data.
  • Training Plans: Access structured training plans to improve your performance.

Cyclemeter's extensive customisation options and in-depth analysis make it ideal for UK cyclists looking to optimise their training and performance.



With these top five cycling apps, cyclists in the UK can enhance their riding experience, whether it's through tracking performance, exploring new routes, or staying updated on the latest cycling news. Each app offers unique features tailored to different needs, ensuring that there's something for every cyclist. So, download these apps, get on your bike, and start exploring the world on two wheels!

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