Workshop services

At Ebike Republic in Whaley Bridge, we are proud to offer comprehensive workshop services for both mechanical and electric bikes. Our certified team of technicians is equipped to handle all aspects of bike maintenance and repair, ensuring your bike operates at its best. From routine tune-ups and brake adjustments to specialized Bosch E-bike diagnostics and software updates, we provide meticulous care tailored to your bike's needs.
Whether you're a daily commuter, a weekend adventurer, or a dedicated e-bike enthusiast, our workshop services are designed to keep you riding smoothly and safely. Visit us today and experience the expertise and dedication that sets Ebike Republic apart.


Our Silver service ensures the usability and safety of your bike, keeping everything running smoothly. This service includes*:

  • Comprehensive inspection of the bike, including frame condition and alignment.
  • Wheels are trued, and hub bearings are checked for play and adjusted or replaced if necessary.
  • Headset and bottom bracket are checked for play and adjusted or replaced as needed.
  • Gears are indexed, derailleur hanger alignment is checked, and cabling and parts are replaced if required.
  • Brakes are checked and aligned, with cabling and pads replaced as needed.
  • Bolts are re-torqued to the correct settings.
  • Tyres are inflated to the recommended pressure, and the bike is wiped down with the drivetrain lubricated.


Our partial strip-down service is ideal for bikes used regularly in wet conditions or those needing a thorough clean. This comprehensive service includes:

  • Drivetrain Removal and Degreasing: The drivetrain is removed and thoroughly degreased in a stand-alone dedicated parts washer. This method effectively removes all dirt and grime, freeing up sticky parts.
  • Lubrication and Reassembly: Cleaned parts are lubricated as needed and refitted.
  • Bottom Bracket Maintenance: The bottom bracket is removed, and the frame threads are cleaned and greased.
  • Silver Service: The bike is then serviced according to our silver service standards.


Purchased a bike from a third party and want the confidence of it being put together by a professional mechanic? Our new bike assembly with a basic service ensures your bike is ready to ride.

Note, bike build and PDI is included free of charge for all bikes purchased directly from Ebike Republic. This service includes:

  • Component Installation: Handlebars, stem, and other components are fitted.
  • Gear and Brake Adjustment: Gears and brakes are tuned and adjusted as necessary.
  • Electronics Test: If it's an ebike, we will test the motor, battery, lightss and display function as expected.
  • Wheel Installation: Wheels are installed and tightened.
  • Final Touches: Nuts and bolts are torqued to the correct settings, the chain is lubricated if needed, and tyres are inflated to the recommended pressure.

All services include the following 15-point check:

  • Frame condition
  • Frame alignment
  • Hub bearing check
  • Headset check
  • Bottom bracket check
  • Hanger alignment check
  • Gear cable inner and outer check
  • Brake cable inner and outer check
  • All fixing bolts checked for wear
  • Fixing bolts tightened to correct torque
  • Tyres checked for tread wear and cracking
  • Tyres inflated to correct PSI
  • Drivetrain externally lubricated
  • Brake pad/disc check for wear
  • Brakes checked for contaminants and stopping ability



As a certified Bosch E-bike workshop, we provide specialized services for Bosch-powered bikes. Our service includes:

  • Bosch Diagnostics: The bike is plugged into the Bosch Diagnostics software to check for errors.
  • Software Updates: The bike is updated to the latest software as required.
  • Diagnostics Report: A detailed diagnostics report is generated and handed over to the customer for review.

This service can be compined with a Silver or Gold service for an additional £15.


  • New tube fitted and pumped up to the appropriate pressure.
  • Includes the cost of a replacement inner tube.
  • Rim tape checked and replaced where neccessary.


  • Old tyre removed and desposed of.
  • Examination of innertube for any wear/slow punctures.
  • Rim tape checked and replaced where neccessary.
  • New tyre fitted* and inflated to the recomended PSI.


  • Both brakes will be balanced and tightened.
  • Braking surfaces on rims or rotors will be cleaned and degreased.
  • Brake pads will be checked and replaced if needed*.
  • Cabling will be lubricated or replaced as necessary*.

HYDRAULIC BRAKE BLEED - £25 (per brake)

  • Brake pads will be removed or replaced as necessary*.
  • The brake will be bled with suitable fluid.
  • Rotors will be cleaned and degreased if necessary.


  • Gears will be tuned and indexed where applicable.
  • Derailleur systems will have limit screws set.
  • Alignment of the rear mech hanger will be checked.
  • Cables, chain drivetrain components will be replaced as needed*.


All other work is calculated on a case-by-case basis at the standard workshop charge of £30 per hour. We will give you a clear cost estimate before commencing any alternative work not covered above. Ebike Republic reserves the right to turn away any workshop work if the bike is not in serviceable condition.