By Ebike Republic to date.


Created for local communities planting our trees.

16.13 TONNES CO2

Absorbed by our trees accross their lifetime.

236.8 m²

Land reforested by our trees.

Protecting the environment

Owning and riding an electric bike is one of the most joyous ways to do your bit to protect the environment. On top of saving you time (commuting through a congested city via ebike is often quicker) and money (the cost of electricity for your ebike is much lower than fuel) when compared to making the same journey in a car and the difference in the environmental impact is astronomical.

The fact is that we need to act right now to avoid catastrophic and irreversible damage to our planet for generations to come, and one of the easiest ways we can make a difference is by reducing those short journeys (3 miles or less) in a car and opting for a cleaner mode of transport.

Owning an Ebike is your commitment… so what’s ours?

We thought you’d never ask. For every bike sold, we are committed to planting not just one but two trees.

Why two?

Simply put, planting one tree on average will offset the carbon emissions produced while manufacturing your shiny new Ebike. The second tree is to help offset the carbon emissions of the electricity you are putting into your ebike throughout its lifetime. That’s enough to offset over 6400km of riding.

What if I ride more than 6400 km on my bike?

Well, that’s easy. Should your odometer hit the 6000 mark, send us a photo, and we guarantee to plant another to offset your next 6000.

Is that it?

Not quite. We know that at some point, you might need to replace your battery in your bikes lifetime, so on top of your bike purchase, we will also plant another tree for every battery sold. So, for example, if you own your bike for ten years, have two batteries and have travelled 12000km in that time, we will plant four new trees on your behalf.

Our partnership with TreeApp

At Ebike Republic we acheive our tree planting commitment with the help of a fantastic organisation called TreeApp.

Treeapp's goals revolve around fostering global reforestation, promoting environmental conservation, and empowering individuals to make a positive impact on the planet. Their primary objectives include:

  • Reforestation: TreeApp aims to facilitate the planting of trees worldwide to restore ecosystems, combat deforestation, and mitigate climate change.

  • Environmental Awareness: TreeApp strives to raise awareness about the importance of trees and forests in maintaining ecological balance and biodiversity.

  • Community Engagement: TreeApp seeks to engage individuals, communities, and businesses in tree planting initiatives, fostering a sense of collective responsibility for environmental stewardship.

  • Technology Innovation: TreeApp harnesses the power of technology to make tree planting accessible and convenient, leveraging mobile applications to streamline the process and engage users effectively.

  • Impact Measurement: TreeApp is committed to transparency and accountability, enabling users to track the impact of their tree planting efforts and witness the positive environmental outcomes of their actions.

By pursuing these goals, TreeApp aims to inspire a global movement towards reforestation and environmental sustainability, creating a greener and more resilient planet for current and future generations.