Alba e-bikes and e-scooters: freedom to do the things you like.

Alba e-bikes and e-scooters are specifically designed for commuting and engineered for freedom. We use the best-in-class components such as Bafang motors, Shimano gear systems, Kenda K-shield armoured tires, and more to offer you a smooth and safe ride. All our products come with EU and UKCA Certifications plus a 2-year warranty. 

With Alba e-bikes, you can dodge the rising fuel costs, reach your destination easily and quickly and do good for the planet.

Couple with Alba City 2 in white sat by the water

How did it begin?

In 2014 3 engineer friends had a dream. They dreamt of building an e-bike designed especially for commuting, with best-in-class components that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Within a year, Alba E-bikes was founded and their first model was rolled out. Alba products are designed and assembled by Alba engineers in Turkey with state-of-the-art technology and engineering. Alba became a great success even in a city like Istanbul which was built on seven hills. R&D was and still is their highest priority. They aim to bring together the top components to build the best-performing bikes at a reasonable price point.

Alba Fold X and Alba Fold 2 are designed especially for easier and quicker commutes and have become quite a sensation in Turkey and Europe. With the introduction of City2, Motobike, S-pro Sooter, among a host of robust conversion kits, Alba cements itself as one of the leading brands in affordable, diverse mobility.

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