Our Values

Our Values

With over 30 years of experience in the UK bicycle industry, we know the difference between a good bike and a great bike is more than just the sum of its parts.

It's about the feeling of freedom it gives you, the smile it puts on your face and the boost to your mental wellbeing that comes from fresh air and exercise.

We have carefully selected the brands we work with and the products we supply based on three simple but deeply held values that will always remain at the core of our business.


This to us means so much more than just the quality of the components that make up your Ebike, it’s equally if not more about the people who bring your bike to life, from the designers to the technicians who assemble it.

We have personally visited the production facilities of the brands we work with and spent time watching the level of care and attention to detail given to each bike at every stage of production to be 100% sure their commitment to quality matches our own.

It's this build quality that allows us to offer a 2-year warranty on all components as standard, with the option to purchase a third.


We strive to make the electric lifestyle accessible to the masses, and we know that value for money is a major consideration when purchasing a big-ticket item.

To achieve this, we looked outside of the mainstream, avoiding big-name brands where you are often paying a premium for a big brand name that in truth often means very little.

All of the bikes we supply use the same tried and trusted motors, batteries and components from companies such as Bafang, LG, Samsung, Shimano and Panasonic. The big difference is you’re not paying an extra 20 to 30% for a name to keep a huge corporate machine rolling.

To those out there who wouldn’t usually entertain the idea of looking at a bike made by a brand that doesn’t sponsor a team at the Tour de France, we challenge you to visit us and ride one of our bikes and not walk away with a smile from ear to ear.


This one is really simple; you wouldn’t buy an ugly car given the choice, nor would you buy an item of clothing that didn’t perfectly fit your size and style.

We want all of our bikes to make you smile even before you start your journey!

With state-of-the-art integrated batteries, our bikes all have sleek, clean, and elegant lines, and often, you have to look twice even to realise it is an electric bike. Not only that, we have colour options and frame styles to suit every taste, whether you prefer a muted colour to get about your daily commute or a vibrant expression that is sure to turn heads.